Dear Elaine:

I adored your wonderful book, and will give it five out of five stars. Thanks for allowing me to go on this sensational journey with Meg Sealy and your adorable cast.

Carol Mitchell – Author

Pull up your seat, for you are going on a fantastic journey that you’ll soon not forget.

Captured – Book two in The Mystery of Nida Valley series is more than a story about a magical, mystical encounter by a girl who stands to inherit enormous powers; it’s a family journey of love, history and about our own natural instincts to preserve our own heritage, as well as that of extinct animals. It’s a story about prehistoric animals who roam the hidden valley dependent on human preservation by a magic Order. And because of the presumed extinction propensity, reading this epic novel makes you want to preserve these species too. Meg is the perfect candidate to lead this group of interesting characters.

The author does a sensational job of intermixing old tradition with the new. And the fantasy aspects of this story simply keeps you turning the pages as you go along with Meg and her friends to find the missing pteros, save the wombats and to learn the truth about why Grundymere wants to capture her – and why Dragon Lady, Miss Cashmere, hates her and has Sophie snoop to find out the extent of Meg’s power. You also want to know if Meg will use her power responsibly, and not take advantage of the gift that others don’t have. As time goes by, the readers will be happy to learn how responsible a teen Meg is.

Meg’s journey of preservation and discovery is breathtaking! Her love for the valley is highlighted by her love of learning and discovery. You’ll enjoy searching for the giant megafauna wombat’s and missing pterosauradons with Meg. And you’ll laugh at being invisible with Meg and her friends, and a whole lot more, because she is simply an adorable character who makes us believe. This is a well written saga, and the end will be a great surprise to all who believe, and don’t take things at face value.

This book is well edited, and researched. The author makes it fun and educational to learn about prehistoric animals.  After reading this beautiful book, and seeing how people who lived in one time, acted as they met up with real people who had time traveled back from decades ahead, I only wanted more! Meg won my heart. Ms. Ouston has certainly won a new fan in me!

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