REVIEW by Ciara and Alethea O’Neill

Book 1: A Magical Discovery

The Mystery of Nida Valley has an engaging plot with magic, ghosts, mystery, time-travel, ancient animals, dinosaurs, a dragon, adventure and a hint of romance. It has pretty much everything and is perfect for kids aged 7 – 12 (especially kids who like engaging plots).

The beginning didn’t captivate us straight away but after the first chapter we were drawn into the plot and the world of NidaValley.

The Mystery of Nida Valley, is about a girl called Meg Sealy aged fourteen. Her friend Amanda goes missing and Meg and Jaiden (her cousin) go searching for Amanda. On their search, Meg and Jaiden stumble upon a secret valley where they meet Amanda. Together they learn it is their destiny to use their magic powers to join the fight to save the valley.

The Mystery of Nida Valley is a light read with an action paced plot. The book is set in the Australian rainforest. It talks about Australian megafauna and while reading we learnt some interesting facts about megafuna and dinosaurs. Elaine Ouston describes NidaValley in a way that makes it come alive.

 “Dense rainforest nestled in the shadows of the ridges that surrounded the valley. Open grasslands dotted with huge box trees, eucalypts,  Bay fig trees snaked down the centre. From their height, the blend of the different shades of green, dappled with bright red flowers of the flame tree, created a multicoloured carpet.”

The Mystery of Nida Valley

Pg 118

Elaine Ouston sent us the book to review after she read our review of The Running Man by Michael Gerard Bauer. Thanks Elaine.

Book 2, Captured will be coming out soon.

REVIEW by Ciara and Alethea O’Neill – 12-year-old twins.

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