This book draws you in from the first sentence and the pace keeps going from there.  Meg Sealy is just an ordinary school girl, or so she believes. Her best friend Amanda is missing so she goes to help in the search. She meets up with a ghostly houseguest at Millson Manor, before she and her cousin Jaiden find a secret passage, and end up getting lost themselves.

NidaValleyis a magical place where hidden prehistoric animals roam. The research Elaine has taken to bring to life the fossils of Australian ancient animals is a wonderful layer to the story. The valley is more than a setting, it is more than a backdrop, it is the destiny of Meg and her friends to be part of the Guardians and protect the existence of the creatures within. Elaine cleverly puts a hook at the end of each chapter that begs the reader to continue.

The cover of the book has banner at the bottom; Read the Books – Play the Game – Win Prizes – Collect Cards. It is really well targeted at the YA market and delivers an adventure, battle against evil, along with a journey of self-discovery and teenage romance.

I loved this book and look forward to reading more from this talented Australian writer.

 Jill Smith

Author Dual Visions

Co-author Fan-tas-tic-al Tales

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