Play the Code Cracker game to go in the draw to WIN the BIG prize of an Apple iPod touch valued 259, and a monthly prize of one of 10 sets of collector cards, plus a bonus card, per month. Then all entries will go in the draw for the Big Prize. Every entry receives the bonus dragon card. You can enter more than once – but you can only win once.  So, if you miss out the first time you enter, check your entry to make sure it is correct and send it again. Go to the Collector Cards page to see the full set and the Bonus Card.

You will need the book to play the game. See below for how to buy.

AVAILABLE as an eBook or printed copy. Go to to purchase the book. Same day delivery for eBooks and under 1 week for printed copies in Australia. Please specify eBook format required.

 OR Check the  Home Page or the Where to Buy Page for outlets with stock OR GO TO YOUR NEAREST BOOKSTORE – If it is not in stock ask them to order it for you from Dennis Jones and Associates.

Or purchase it from:

Entry rules for Code Cracker Competition:

Print out the Code Cracker Clue and the questions sheet below. As you read the book, answer the questions using the code cracker. Record your answers on the sheet, the computer, or a note-book until you have them all, then send them with your name and address, and details of where you purchased the book to the address on the question sheet.

Entry Conditions: Only book purchasers will be eligible to win prizes. All entries received by 23rd of each month will be put in the draw on the 25th of that month. The competition runs from May 2011 to November 25th 2011. The draw for the Apple iPod touch will take place on 25th November 2011. Winners of the monthly prizes, and the final prize, will be notified by email and their prize will be mailed to them. Staff, and families of staff, from the printing house, distributor, and publisher will not be eligible to enter the draws unless they have proof of purchase.

About elaineouston

I am a writer of children and young adult books, a writing tutor, editor, and book designer. My books include the fantasy series The Mystery of Nida Valley and much more.
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  1. Lou Morris says:

    When will the book be available?

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