This is the FUN blog for the children’s fantasy series, The Mystery of Nida Valley by Elaine Ouston.

Short story from Countdown

Welcome to my blog.  I live near Brisbane in Queensland, Australia. I have a Master of Letters in Creative Writing and teach writing to adults and children.  After a career as a graphic artist, copywriter and marketing consultant, I retreated from the rat race and turned to my long time dream of writing children and young adult fiction. I have 4 published books to date. I have written three children’s series, one is yet to be published.  I am half way through a YA fantasy story and working on the third book in The Mystery of Nida Valley series. I have had a short story, A Close Call, published in the NSW School Magazine, Countdown, a column in Writing Queensland magazine and a novella,

Lost in a Strange Land, published by Morris Publishing Australia.




I am very excited about the publication of the The Mystery of Nida Valley series.

cover front april fourCaptured cover FINAL

Go to the book’s page to learn more:

Book one: https://themysteryofnidavalley.com/the-story/

Book two:


4 Responses to ABOUT THE AUTHOR

  1. jillswrites says:

    Hi Elaine,
    I love your blog. I’m writing your review of the book today. I’m impressed with the review by Michael Pryor, and I hope to match it in quality.
    Thanks for the opportunity to read and review Nida Valley.
    Jill Smith
    Gold Coast Writer 259
    Author Dual Visions

  2. I was intrigued with your title about Nida Valley. The Nida’s have a resting place named after them on the Appalachian Mountains Trail in West Virginia.

    • elaineouston says:

      That’s interesting Mary. I had no idea there would be so many connections to the name. Actually, I made it up. I reversed of the word Eden and changed two letters. I have been told of other connections as well. Thanks for your comment.

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