“Captured” is the second book in The Mystery of Nida Valley series, but even if, like myself, you haven’t read the first; the events prior are explained enough that you won’t be left feeling lost.

Our protagonist, Meg is an absolute delight to get to know and the adventure she takes us on will leave you on the edge of your seat. Packed to the brim with magic, mystery, the ultimate bad guy and unwavering friendship, “Captured” is the ultimate story to re-affirm or develop your love for all things fantasy.

The plot is timed perfectly and the world and characters are all well developed and the scenery vivid. This is truly and all ages book. While it is aimed at older children/ young teens there is plenty to delight adults as well. The only downside? Well it will leave you desperate for more, and eagerly anticipating reading its predecessor.

Bring a little extra magic to your life and take the leap into Nida Valley – you won’t regret it.

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