TELL ME A JOKE: Leave me your favourite joke in the comment section below. The best each week will become our Feature Joke of the week. Please keep them clean – no reference to sex – no race jokes – just good, clean, funny jokes. Any offensive jokes will be removed.


Q. What does Dash say to the slowest sauce in the kitchen.

A. Ketch-up

Thanks to Jamay Dickson


12 Responses to TELL ME A JOKE

  1. Carol Warner says:

    Q. What’s the best way to talk to a dinosaur?
    A. Long distance.

  2. kayci says:

    Q: what do you call a lion with a toothache?

    A: roary

  3. Elaine my perculiar inability to remember the punch line lets a lot of my joke telling prowness down but here is a long standing favourite of mine (which many Gen Ys don’t truly understand)

    Q: Why do elephants have big ears?
    A: Because Noddy won’t pay the ransom.

    People know me for that joke…sadly…

  4. Seriously?! I wonder if you’ll get more laughs from it than when I tell it in person Ha.

  5. elaineouston says:

    I loved it but I wonder if the kids will get it Dimity. I’m not sure they know about Noddy and Big Ears any more.

  6. Q. What does Dash say to the slowest sauce in the kitchen.
    A. Ketch-up

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